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  • August: Superman with 2 Penises, Swedish Porn TV News, New Guinness Strip Poker Record, Masturbating Judge, Granny Car Sex
  • July: Pregnant Britney Spears poses nude, Ashlee Simpson no Playmate but Victoria's Secret, Einstein's Lusty Love Life, Wimbledon Streaker
  • June: Lawsuit Soccer Sex Toys,Toilet Sex & Drugs by British Officials, Police Tracker Dog tourguide in Amsterdam Red Light District, Condom Sandwich, Sao Paulo Gay Pride, 10 year erection, car sex
  • May: Playboy Hef turns 80, Pamela Anderson Vegetarian Orgasm, Berlin Deflower Service, 3 hours Sex Dreaming, 114.000 Bras Chain 
  • April: Angelina Jolie Lesbians Favourite, Church missed SEX.EU, broken penis, Sex Toys in Rome's Pharmacies, Sean Connery Erotic Voice & Chinese Love Wall Closed
  • March: Behind the Amsterdam Red Light District, Sex Fan mistaken for Murderer, Virtual Sex Revolution, Senior Pornstar & Sex behind Steering Wheel.
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