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Naughty News April 2006

Church just missed Domain Name SEX.EU

sex.eu dutch churchThe evangelic church Rehoboth in Eersel, Holland had tried to acquire the euro domainname sex, but was just a few seconds to late.

The church paid several hundreds of euro’s to registrate the word sex, but it was not the first one of the 232 applications, a Swedish company won. The Rehoboth church idea was to demonstrate sex in the way God wanted! Sex.com is sold for 14 million dollars, make us an offer!!!!

Meetings: Christelijk Centrum Alphamega
Saskesdreef 10, 3920 Lommel, Belgium

 angelina jolie lesbians favourite sex sightseeingLesbians Favourite: Angelina Jolie

UK - Not only men are lusting for Angelina Jolie, also a lot of women desire this beautiful Hollywood Star. British Lesbians has chosen Jolie as their hottest celeb.

The second place is for lesbian Portia De Rossi (TV series Ally McBeal). Mrs(?) Brad Pitt had some realtionships with women in the past, like with model Jenny Shimizu. She never made a secret of her bisexuality!!

Broken Penis

penis injury sex sightseeing naughty newsUK - A gym instructor was having quickie sex with his wife when he suddenly fell out of bed and screamed in agony.

A bag of frozen peas had to ease the swelling as his manhood ballooned to the size of a cucumber and his testicles to the size of a coconut.

It’s broken” that is what the medics said to him in the hospital, they operated him immediately on the snapped muscle. Do not worry guys, the penis will be in working order within the month!!

sex toys rome pharmaciesSex Toys in Rome's Pharmacies

Things to do in Rome, well next to the aspirines and flasks of cough syrup, you can easily find all kinds of vibrators for women and cock sucking penisrings for men in the progressive pharmacies of the Italian capital Rome.

After many protests the apothecaries have decided to keep these sex toys more from the visibility. Sale of these naughty devices can be commented, as medicines for people with a problematic sex life. A conservative Council member said that now only a pornstar must be appointed as minister of public health to complete the drama!! 

love chinese wall closedChinese Love Wall Closed in Beijing

The Chinese authorities have a 88 meters fake version of the Chinese wall on
which amorous couples could leave behind romantic messages, closed for

This marble "Chinese love wall" had been meant to prevent the real
Chinese wall of smearing. Scraping a love message cost 999 yuan (just 130
), but only 4 couples took advantage of this priceless experience!!

sean connery 007 most erotic voiceMost Erotic Voice: Sean Connery

The former James Bond- actor Sean Connery is elected in Great Britain as the man with the most erotic voice.

Sexy 007 Pierce Brosnan was second, behind this 75 year old scotsman. According to a behavior scientist, with the climbing of years, the voice becomes more attractive.

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