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Coming of the Condom

German word for condom is Pariser and in Britain a french letter, so anything coming from France is decadent and has to do with sex. Maybe a little prejudice?

casanova condomAround 1000 BC in ancient Egypt they used a linen sheath for protection against disease. The earliest evidence of condom use in Europe comes from erotic scenes in cave paintings at Combarelles in France. In the 1700's, Condoms made out of animal intestines began to be available, have fun!

Casanova was one of the first men to use a condom as contraception rather than to prevent from diseases.

sex antique condomOfcourse in the 18th century Amsterdam had already a condom shop and in The Hague (Holland) "condons" were sold and made from lambs' bladders and ribbons. In the middle of the eighteenth century, there was heavily trade in condoms in London by two condom shops who openly competed with each other in their pamphlets.

A wholesale company was situated on Half Moon Street, central London, now Hilton Green Park. Large stocks of bladders, sheaths and other contraceptives, which were sold to apothecaries, travellers and ambassadors. Washed second-hand condoms were for the less well-to-do.dudley castle first condoms

The oldest condoms were discovered in the foundations of HAUNTED Dudley Castle near Birmingham, England. They were made of fish and animal intestine and dated back to 1640. The five contraceptives were excavated from a medieval toilet in Dudley Castle in 1985.


Cave Les Combarelles, On D47, 10 1/2 miles north of Bergerac, Les Eyzies-de-Tayac
France, Tel: 05-53-06-90-80, It's a 600 foot-long cave with hundreds of engraved animal and human figures, a few decidedly sexual. Maybe your holiday in France?

condomerie condoms amsterdamDudley Castle, 2 The Broadway Dudley, West Midlands, Great Britain England, Tel: 01384 215 313

History of Contraception Museum, 19 Green Belt Dr., Toronto, Canada, Tel 800-387-8781

Condoms & sex toys in all sizes and flavours, The Condomerie, Warmoesstraat 141, Amsterdam, The Nederlands, Tel.: (31-20) 6274174, till fall Sint Jansstraat 33, 100 metres away.

lesbian sex rootsLesbian Lessons

Ofcourse the word "lesbian" is a grecian invention and derived from their island, Lesbos/Lesvos. This developed from the lesbian poemwriter Sappho of Lesvos.

Sappho had a reputation as a lover of her own sex in which love between women was celebrated in song. Today, the heart of the lesbian scene is located in the town of Eressos, the birthplace of Sappho.

eressos greece lesbian sceneSEX SIGHTSEEING

Eressos is a charming little village with considerable tourist activity, located in the southwest part of Lesbos, Greece. With hotels only for women: like the Mascothotel, Antiopi Hotel & Sappho Hotel & women friendly apartments: for example Andreas, Despina, Lissia & Joanna Seaview.

Excavated Pompeii shows the only known Roman artwork describing a lusty lesbian scene.

Jubilee: Five years Same Sex Marriage in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Englands Hooker Streetnames

grope lane shrewsbury medieval red light districtIn Medieval times prostitution was a normal aspect of urban life. Five centuries ago prostitution was not banished to the suburbs, it was going on in these very narrow lanes in the town centre as normal marketing activity.

England's Southampton, Hereford, Reading and Worcester had streets named "Grope Lane" in their town centres; the more explicit "Grope-cunt Lane" was located in Bristol, London, York and Newcastle.

Other similar names included Love Lane, Fondle Street and Puppekirty Lane (meaning "Poke Skirt Lane").



There is still a Grope Lane in Shrewsbury (birthplace Charles Darwin), Shropshire, United Kingdom, which you can pay a visit.


ice age sex toy dildoIce Age Sex Toy

About 28,000 years old and the earliest representations of male sexuality, an 8 inches long sculpted and polished penis buried in the famous German Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm.


In addition of being a symbolic representation of the male private parts, its life size suggests it may well have been used as a straight or gay sex toy by its Ice Age makers.




Urgeschichtliches Museum Blaubeuren, Karlstr. 21, Blaubeuren, Tel.: 07344/9286-0, Germany


Strip Tease: Tijuana Bibles


tijuana bibles eight pager sexcartoonTijuana Bibles known as "eight-pagers" were sexcartoon porn comic books produced in the United States from the 1920s to the early 1960s.


Their subject is explicit sexual escapades straight, gay or lesbian and usually featuring well known cartoon characters, political figures or movie stars used without permission.


Crudely drawn comic-book leaflets depicted stars like Jean Harlow, Greta Garbo, and Clark Gable in various farcical situations. Their popularity rapidly declined as the pornographic photographic in magazines like Playboy became more widely available in the late 1950s.

In some senses, these comics were the first underground comics.

SEX SIGHTSEEING Museum of Sex, New York City


Nude Postcards Illegally To Post

nude postcard bdsm nude womenIt should come as no surprise that the history of photography of the nude is as old as the history of photography itself. French (1850s) nude postcards were called postcards because of their size, but never meant to be postally sent, it was illegal.


In 1838 began the enormous popularity of Nude stereoscopy and in 1841 was the Calotype “multiple copy” process patended and immediately used to reproduce nude erotic portraits. In the monthly magazine "La Beaute" 75 nude images could be ordered by mail, ofcourse only by artists looking for poses, in the form of hand-tinted or sepia toned postcards.


Street dealers, tobacco shops, and other vendors bought the photographs for resale to hungry American tourists.

SEX SIGHTSEEING Exhibited in most of the sex museums.

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