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Naughty News June 2006

Lawsuit Soccer Sex Toys

Soccer Football Sex Toys The German Top football players Oliver Kahn & Michael Ballack started a lawsuit against Beate Uhse's special Soccer Fifa World Cup Vibrators. These sex toys are sold in the sexshop under the names of Olli K. and Michael B.. Abbreviations of their names which is allowed according to this naughty firm.

By the way, there is no discrimination in the length of the Sports Hero vibrating sextoys, The Olli and Michael measure both 8.6 inches.

British Officials Toilet Sex

british officials toilet sex drugs fightclub breakdanceAgricultural officials from Newcastle had the time of their lifes, they were jumping naked from archive cabinets, had sex in the toilet, used drugs, vomited in tea cups, had a kind of fightclub and held breakdance contests.

A colleaque was fed up with this improper conduct and went to a local newspaper. The British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has started an investigation. One "free spirit" is already fired.

Police Tracker Dog, your guide in Amsterdam Red Light District

No longer the very tired man in a rain coat and orange flag will be your tourguide in the exciting Amsterdam prostitution district, but even hotels in Amsterdam recommand actually a real police tracker dog!!

The dogs are first following a special training, because the smells from this very lively neighbourhood with their headshops are quiet radical for their sensitive noses.

But at emergencies, these dogs will do their normal detective work.

Sao Paulo Gay Pride for Millions

sao_paul0_gay_pride_sex_sightseeingJune 17th 2006, The 10th edition of the Brazilian Gaypride in the city Sao Paulo reached a new record of visitors.

According to the police 3 million people attented this enormous lesbian & gay festival. Sao Paulo girls & boys dressed up in all the colours of the rainbow to symbolize sexual diversity.

Slovak Condom Sandwich

condom in slovak breadA Slovakian woman from Bratislava had a tough time cutting bread. While the whole family was gathered around the lunch table, she was slicing into a rubber thing, a real condom!

The woman was enormously surprised , but looked at it on the bright side: the contraceptive was unused!!

impotent penis sex sightseeing400.000 Dollar for 10 Year Erection 

Former handyman Charles "Chick" Lennon, 68, has won $400,000 in a lawsuit over a  penis implant that gave him a 10-year erection.

Two years before Viagra went on the market, the steel and plastic implant was placed in 1996 to allow the impotent man to position his penis upward for sex, but Lennon could not position his penis downward again.

Italian Highway Sex Catches Police Attention

italian car old woman sexPolice Officers stopped a lurching car on a North-Italian highway and they discovered a 70 year old nude woman. She tried to have sex with the half naked 59 year driver of the car. The man  appeared to have three times as much alcohol in its blood as permitted.

The spokesman could not say if the couple is married, but he thinks it is unlikely, because: "Married people would not do something like that probably."  Oh really??

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