pompeii sex eroticaExcavated Sex in Pompeii 

Explicit Erotic art was discovered after excavations in the ancient city of Pompeii, roman empire Italy in the 18th century. Sexual adventurism really begins to kick in, because the sexual mores of the ancient Roman culture were much more liberal than today. The Christian god is non-sexual.

Ancient Greeks and Roman gods did anything they liked: gay/homosexuality, straight sex and with more the better, in brothels and bathing houses.

pompeii sex erotica naples museumThese Lupanares/brothels where covered with erotic paintings and coins, currency for prostitutes where engraved with a range of sexual positions, the coin you gave indicated how you wanted to be serviced.

erotic excavations pompeiiPenises, the symbol of good luck and testicles are engraved in sidewalks, home owners would display a winged penis outside their doors, or have bells hanging around it. What about teapots with penis-shaped spouts two thousand year ago.

Also Pompeii shows the only known Roman artwork describing a lesbian scene. This embarrassing dirty stuff was hid in secret cabinets for 200 years, but in 2000, the national museum of Naples made a public view possible. Only after a reservation made at the entrance and you specially have to ask for the camera segretta,  to have a peek in this secret room!

museum archeological national napoliSEX SIGHTSEEING

Museum Archeological National di Napoli, Piazza Museo 19, 80135 Naples, Italy, Tel. 0039.081.440166, check your hotels in Italy.

bacchus god of wine bacchanaliaBacchanalia, Ancient Times?

Bacchanalia were secret wild erotic and mystic festivals of the Roman god Bacchus (= Greek god Dionysus) Women gone wild on three days in the year, attended by women only in the grove of Simila near the Aventine Hill.

bacchanalia erotic festivalPriestess Paculla Ania from Campania changed largely the rules of Bacchanalias. In 188 BC Paculla admitted men to participate and celebrations took place five days of initiation a month: men and women,  noble and common people, free and slaves, any way of (group) sex (straight, gay, lesbian) was allowed. But only till the age of 20 were initiated.

The rites of hot women gradually turned into sexual orgies especially of men. Men who did not obey the dominatrix women where hid in caves, where they were said to have been kidnapped by the gods.

Led in 186 BC to a Senate decree: the Senatus consultum de Bacchanalibus, inscribed on a bronze tablet discovered in Puglia, Italy (1640), now at the Natural History Museum Vienna, by which the Bacchanalia were prohibited throughout all Italy except in certain special cases. Prohibited or not, these explosions of sex survived for a very long time!!

erotic venus of willendorf ancient pornSEX SIGHTSEEING

The Aventine Hill is one of the seven hills that ancient Rome was built on, Puglia  is a region in southeastern Italy in Sicily.

Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria, Burgring 7, Vienna, Austria, Tel. (+43-1) 52177, The Venus of Willendorf on display, a world famous 25 thousand year old sexual prehistoric stone carving of a very erotic woman. Faceless, nude sculpture with big boobs, hips, buttocks, swollen belly and vagina lips. Considered as fertility goddess, but she may have also been a representation of those days porn.

bisexual gay god apolloOh my God, Apollo!

Greek & Roman god Apollo is the Sun & Wine God who brings heat (well he still does!) and one of the Olympian divinities, who all competed in the nude. This athletic ideal of manly beauty had the most gay lovers, homosexual relationships of all the Greek gods.

Spartan prince Hyacinth and Heracles descendant Cyparissus for example. But the bisexual god had also heterosexual liasons like with Cassandra and Daphne. Apollo's infatuation was caused by an arrow from Eros, who was jealous because Apollo had made fun of his archery skills. Typically male!

paestum campania gay god apolloSEX SIGHTSEEING

Paestum, Campania, near Naples, Italy. The town of Paestum, north of the architectural site, is a popular resort. Main tourist attractions are the three temples in Doric style, first half of the 6th century BC, dedicated to Apollo, Hera and Athena.

Porn in Vatican Library?

porn vatican, da vinci code dan brownA never ending rumour goes around that the Vatican Library holds the largest collection of pornography in the world. Sorry, but this is false!

Just a very few pornographic materials of the books mentioned in the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, the List of Prohibited Books are present and some mildly erotic works of art.

The index is a list of publications which the Catholic Church censored for being a danger to itself and the faith of its members and was regularly updated until the 1948 edition. The book the Da Vinci Code Dan Brown will be part of the list, like the Marquis de Sade repertoire. With references to the occult, even Harry Potter is prohibited.


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