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Kama Sutra Sex Sightseeing

The Kama Sutra Sex Guide is devoted to 64 sexual positions, with explicit chapters like foreplay, orgasm, gay, fetish, BDSM. Your Tantra body is a Sex Temple with usefull tips for a penis enlargement.

kama sutra kamasutra sex sightseeingKama Sutra Sexual Pleasures

The Kamasutra is the ancient indian standard sex manual for love making, composed by the celibate student Vatsyayana, 1st to 6th centuries AD. The Kama Sutra has 35 explicite chapters about seduction, foreplay, orgasm, oral sex (straight & gay), anal sex, fetishisms like sado masochism, voyeurism, exhibitionism and ménage à trois, the threesome.

About 20 percent of the book is devoted to the 64 sexual positions/postures, we all know ofcourse and helps people to enjoy the art of sex as a technical guide.

kama sutra kamasutra sex sightseeingHere some Kama Sutra suggestion positions for your daily routine: Start in the morning with feeding the Walking Double Duck, Snake Ride, Horsie-Horsie and the Naked Lunch and Flying Fish Sandwich for your lunch break. Enjoy the Deep Rider, Missionairy and Matinee in the afternoon.
Take the Elevator and Helicopter and Hurry Home, where you enter your Floating Garden, became Sleepy Hollow and watch the Moon Rising.

kamasutra kama sutra sex sightseeingFor an enormous natural penis enlargement try the Vadava: Contraction and tightening of the female genital organ. With this posture, a she-elephant type of female can please even a rabbit-type of male who feels an extraordinary enlargement in his penis!

kamasutra kama sutra sex sightseeingSEX SIGHTSEEING

Revealing depicting examples of the KamaSutra sex positions are on exhibition in most of the Sex Museums in the world.

kama sutra kamasutra sex sightseeingFamous Khajuraho Temples with erotic sculptures & explicit Kama Sutra images, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatarpur District, about 385 miles/620 km of Delhi, India.

Go on an expedition to find India's first Sex Museum Antaranga (= Inner Self), it is tucked away in a century-old building near Bombay's red-light district. The walls of the museum are covered with verses from the Kama Sutra.

Or you can rent the delightful Bollywood movie: Kama Sutra, a tale of Love (1996, directed by Mira Nair) where two friends become sexual rivals at maturity. Do not expect hard porn.

tantra yoga tantric sex sightseeingTantra, My Body is my Sex Temple

Tantric yoga deals with male/female sexuality and focuses on spiritual unification and building up energy with a sexual foreplay which should last at least an hour. In Tantric sex the ejaculating climax is avoided as long as possible, it is not about giving into lust! The process of getting there is even more delightful, like the practise for a natural penis enlargement. No rush to the end!

The thousands years old Hindu Devi Sukta in the Rig-Veda is the 'workbook' for the Tantra workshop. The trained Tantrikas believe that as much you are against Tantra so much your sex life will remain unhealthy and partial impotence will continue on!

tantra tantric yoga sex sightseeingSEX SIGHTSEEING

National Museum, Janpath, New Delhi 110 011, India,Tel: 011- 301 8415, 9272, 9237, Tantra Art Gallery: 135 creations of Tantric Manifestations from India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

Kamakhya, center of the tantrik cult in India. Situated in the northeastern state of Assam, atop the Nilachal Hill. The temple is a natural cave with a spring.and has a dark, mysterious chamber.

Famous Khajuraho Temples with erotic sculptures & explicite images, Tantric Center, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatarpur District, about 385 miles/620 km of Delhi, India

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