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Everything you aspected, can be enjoyed in the Sex Museums around Europe!

Amsterdam: Erotic Museum 

erotic sex museum amsterdamAchterburgwal 54, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, check out hotels in Amsterdam.

When you visit the Amsterdam famous & explicit Red Light District, it is a must to go to the Erotic museum, 5 floors filled with a collection of erotic enjoyment.

casa rosso amsterdam sex museumFrom way back in history till this futuristic century. Old masters and modern time artists nude & erotic european paintings, fine erotic carvings from the Tang dynasty and early 20th-century German pencil drawings.

More important pleasure than art: Free phone sex, A floor with unique erotic postcards, photo's and more then 500 erotic books. Scaled model of a live sexshow club Casa Rosso.cartoon porn sex museum amsterdam

A special fairytale grotto with erotic videos will give you a look at purely sexcartoon porn. The seven dwarves with enormous erections, henti, Disney XXX, gigantic boobs and spanking dominatrix women as well as erotic cartoons of the Flintstones.john lennon erotic drawing erotic museum

The museum also has drawings done by John Lennon, given to Yoko Ono as a wedding present. Not to mention a complete floor of SM Sado Masochistic objects and scenes, devoted to S&M, bondage, BDSM & Fetish. You will be surprised!

Amsterdam: Sex Museum Venus Temple 

venus temple sex museum amsterdamDamrak 18, 1012 LH Amsterdam, The Netherlands Tel.: 020-622 83 76

After a loud “Psst, hey “ an elderly flasher opens his raincoat, you can enjoy one of Venus Temple’s historic curiosities is “Sex Through the Ages,” a 19th-century-style painting on a large rotating drum, from Adam & Eve on.

chasity belt amsterdam sex museumPhoto’s from porn movies, actually there is a section with three private-screening European porn free XXX movie cabins. Erotic artifacts from around the world, like the 19th century Austrian ivory dildo, 1920s penis-shaped walking sticks, wood carved fucking figures from native New Zealand. Naughty postcards & erotic playing cards.

BDSM S&M sex museum amsterdamThe Venus Temple is the first and oldest Sex Museum in the world. With a special top floor for the special S&M, Bondage, BDSM & Sado Masochistic lovers.

Including a dungeon, a medical nurse set up and a mannequin pleasures us with her Golden Shower.

Barcelona: Erotic Museum (Museu de L'Erotica) 

erotic museum barcelonaRambla, 96-08002 Barcelona, Spain, Tel: (+34) 93-318 98 65, check hotels Barcelona

The museum of erotica is situated in the exciting heart of Barcelona with traditional interesting and ludic representations of erotic art: Indian reproductions of the KamaSutra, African wood carvings and European illustrations from the 15th to the 20th century.sex museum barcelona

Ancient Greeks and Roman objects depicting erotic scenes, through to 1920's posters. Other highlights include a collection of early erotic postcards, comics, and works by Pablo Picasso and Miro.

Berlin: Erotic Museum 

beate uhse erotic museum berlinKantstraße/Joachimsthaler Straße/Street, Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany, Tel.: +49 30 886 0666, check hotels in Berlin 

At the not most glamorous looking block in Berlin is the Beate Uhse Erotic Museum situated. Work down from the third floor, all types of erotica are democratically displayed — gay, straight, mainstream, fetish.

sex erotic museum berlinThe 5,000 artifacts inside range over all of history and every culture. A collection of 18th Century Oriental drawings of sex scenes, including fine examples of Japanese Shunga asiansex art, with its oversized genitals, by Utamaro, Harunobu and others,  accompanied by sexual accessories and virility charms, Whale penises, Balinese and African fertility objects and 19th- century Chinese brothel tokens.

sex superstore erotic museum berlinThe lower floors have their own porn X-rated video cabins and sex superstore, with something for everybodies taste and fetish. This extravagant monument to sex comes courtesy of one of Berlin's great advocate for sexual freedom, Beate Uhse and she always practiced what she preached!!

Copenhagen: Museum Erotica

sex museum copenhagenKøbmagergade 24DK-1150 Copenhagen, Denmark, Tel.: (+45) 3312 0311,

The Erotica Museum starts cultural well-thought out from Etruscan drawings and Chinese shunga paintings to Greek vases depicting a lot of straight and gay sexual activity.

shunga erotica museum copenhagenOn display are lifelike erotic tableaux created by Tussauds wax-craftspeople, erotic paintings, a collection of those dirty little French postcards Americans tried to sneak home through customs back in the 1920s and 1930s. Centerfolds Playboy, a "Dildo World".

As you ascend the floors of the museum, the more explicit it is. By the time you reach the fourth (top) floor, a dozen sex video monitors are showing erotic films, featuring everything from black & white underground soft porn movies from the 1920s to today's XXX porn releases.

hamburg erotic art museumHamburg: Erotic Art Museum 

Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 69, 20359 Hamburg, Germany, Tel.: +49 (0)40-317 841-0keith haring hamburg erotic art

Hotspot the Erotic Art Museum exhibits a terrific collection of 18th- and 19th-century French, German and Italian images of eroticism, Major 20th-century European paintings artists.

Including Otto Dix, Jean Cocteau, George Grosz, Keith Haring, David Hockney, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Tomi Ungerer and many others, like Henry Miller and John Lennon.

sex erotic museum parisParis: Museum of Erotic Art 

72 Boulevard de Clichy, Pigalle district, Paris, France, Métro: Blanche, Tel.: 01 42 58 28 73. Check your hotel in Paris.

In the heart of the old red light district, near the famous Moulin Rouge is this Erotic Museum situated with an exciting collection ranges from the ancient religious art of India, Japan, Africa, etc.

kama sutra erotic museum parisJapanese young couples sex education books, called Pillow Books & ivory figurines, snuff bottles, Yoni sculptures & a divine vulva from Nepal, chastity belts, photographs of the best Parisian brothels, when brothels were legal.

Indonesian phalluses, Indian Kama Sutra watercolours, Mochica Indians liked making their clay penis, Right up to contemporary art with an erotic focus. There are seven floors which house 2000 erotic objects and paintings.

It is all about sex but in an art/antropology kind of way, no X rated movies. The museum attracts more female visitors than male, so who says that women don't appreciate sex!

sex machines museum praguePrague: Sex Machines Museum

Melantrichova 18, Prague, Czech Republic, just off Old Town Square

Check in a hotel in Prague and visit 3 very divers museums. The Pragues Sex Machines Museum is specialized in sex machines, with 200 species, which should bring thrilling pleasure and allow extraordinary & unusual sexual positions during intercourse.


strap on dildo sex machines museumOn display are medieval chastity belts, old erotic movies and Victorian anti and juicy pro masturbation devices. The star of the exhibition is the medieval dildo or anal butt plug. This scary sex machine is a wooden spinning wheel that moves the dildo up and down while sitting on it, on show with an extra finger for special excitement.


S&M sado sex machines museumAll people's freaky fetishes can be found here like state-of-the-art S&M BDSM equipment. Leather-clad mannequins tied up in a posts and pulleys SM machine, operated by a life size nun doll in latex.


Watch the other mannequins in latex and leather with a spiked hood over the face or a sado masochism black mask with a funnel and tube running into the mouth.


sex toy sex machines museumAnd ofcourse for your own pleasure and souvenirs, the gifted giftshop which sells giant condoms, novelty underwear, erotic figurines & very sexy perfume and salt shakers in the shape of boobs, tits, penis and all the other genitalia we have. No porn & smart drugs they say!!


police museum prostitution praguePrague: Prostitution in Old Prague 

Prague 2, Ke Karlovu Street 453/1, Czech Republic, Tel.: 224 922 183

This Police Museum exhibits Prostitution in Prague at the turn of the 19th and 20th century and how wonderfully the police solved this problem. Photos, police records and posters are on display, among others curious exhibits like a collection of samples of women's pubic hair.

prostitution prague sex museumNothing is changed, Perstyn and Krakovska Street are still the streets for the oldest profession, but prostitution was regulated in those days in the 19th Century.

The Czech, but also hookers from Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Croatia and Russia (so called ballet dancers) needed to have a health or prostitution book with a doctors “free of diseases” stamp which could be bought ofcourse like everything. Next to that she had to be of age, childless, single or divorced, and most importantly she could not be a virgin!!

Prague: Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments 

museum medieval torture dbsmPrague 1 - Old Town, Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, Karlova 2 Tram 17, 18 and 53, Stop Køižovnická, Czech Republic

torture device museum pragueFor all the S&M and sadomasochism lovers, the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments in Prague could give you some inspiration with over 60 sadistic instruments of pain in exhibition which they used to molest, cut, part, rape and Illustrative engravings with historical explantions in many different languages.

iron maiden torture museum pragueSome gruesome examples, The Iron Maiden is a sarcophagus Russian nesting doll fitted with spikes designed to stab the body but miss the vital organs of a victim. What about knuckle-crackers, head crushers, cock and ball torture, forced to wear gowns with demons and devil or pig's head masks, the Spanish Garrotta Chair, who will fix a screw right through your skull and the Asiatic specialties like bamboo-under-the-fingernails.

And last but not least something special for all the cheated women with dominatrix aspirations, it even exhibits a male chastity belt!!

rasputin penis museum of erotica saint petersburgSaint Petersburg: Museum of Erotica 

Furshtatskaya Embankment, 47/11a (metro Chernyshevskaya), Tel.: (812) 320-76 00, English tours by prior arrangement Tel.: (812) 314-98 83, check hotel prices

The first Russian sex museum opened in 2004 in St Petersburg, find some Russia love here. It exhibits the 30 cm/12 inches preserved very large penis of Grigory Rasputin, nicknamed "Mad Monk. His russian dick is acquired for 8000 dollars.

Famous for his unusual cult that he practiced at the Emperors' court a strange mixture of Christianity and sexual practices. He proclamed to have the power to heal Tsar Nicholas & Tsarina Alexandra son’s sickness and predict the future.

Only after sinning could they repent and come closer to God, 'driving out sin with sin'. Rasputin, Alexandra & other women gathered in crypts, indulging in flagellation and sex orgies..

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